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What I wish I knew before I got married

Posted by Saia Fonua

Having taken the 5 love languages quiz, I found out that my top love language is words of affirmation -- when my love ones express sincere appreciation or praise and heartfelt spoken affection. I think I equally get irritated, annoyed, hurt, and sometimes angry and furious when my loves ones speak the opposite of appreciation, praise and spoken affection or lack there of towards me.

Being married for almost 2 years now, I've learned a lot about 1 Nephi 5:1-10 has taught me essential principles in being a great husband.

My friend became a Zone Leader in the MTC. When the branch president had him and his companion console one of the sister missionaries in his zone, he didn't know he was expected to console and comfort her. In fact, the thought crossed his mind, "Did I really sign up for this?" Being a missionary is more than preaching door to door and bearing testimony in front of the local ward congregation. It comes in many forms such as comforting and consoling a sister missionary who was having a hard time.

The same is true for marriage. I didn't know I signed up to do a lot of things, until an experience or moment came up that demanded more out of me as a husband.

As a husband, I'm a peacemaker, even when I'm right but things don't go my way. I need to find a way to maintain peace in my relationship with my wife and family.

As a husband I take out a portion of my day to be with my wife and famliy, to biuld our family bond and ties.

As a husband, I'm a' cheerleader for my wife and family. I go support them in whatever they're involved in and with their goals and desires.

As a husband, I'm a complimenter. I compliment my wife throughout the day of her has a person and the things she has done. This means I need to be looking for positive things about her.

As a husband, I'm a leader and lead out with prayer, family scripture study, family council, responsibilities, etc.

As a husband, I exemplify patience when heartache, trials and tribulations come my or my families way..

As a husband, I put forth effort in making my marriage and relatinoship work and I don't give up on first signs of trouble.

As a husband, I need to know when to close my mouth and get away from the situation for a certain amount of time to cool down and regulate my emotions with a a whole lot of fresh air.

As a husband, like Lehi, I comfort my wife when she's complaining, feeling stressed, or is down about something.

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